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Small tips to use battery and keep it long live.


It is strictly forbidden to remove the battery at will; 

Do not make the battery damp or into the water; 

Do not store the battery in a high temperature environment above 45 ℃ or in a fire; 

Do not apply external force or fall from high altitude

Do not mix the battery with keychain, coins and other conductors to avoid short circuit; waste battery.

Use the original charger or a reliable charger to charge. 

"Common Sense": 

The battery in the case of long-term use or improper maintenance. Its metal sheet will appear oxidation. And it is recommended to wipe the contact clean before using. 

The new battery after 3-5 full charge and discharge cycle. Its internal chemicals will be all "activated" to achieve the best use effect. Fake charger improper charging mode will affect standby time and shorten battery life. Full battery is not used, the amount of electricity stored will gradually decrease, the natural loss of power